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Curse "Soil Microbial Ecology International Course"
Edificio Manuel Ancízar Instituto de Biotecnología No 224 y Edifico Posgrado Faculta de Ciencias Humanas Auditorio Margarita González
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Soil Microbial Ecology deals with the study of the influence of the soil microbial community on the functionality of soil ecosystem. From an agricultural point of view, this topic has become increasingly interesting, due to the great knowledge accumulated in relation to the effect of this community on the maintenance of fertility and soil health and therefore on crop productivity. This condition occurs as a result of the role of microorganisms in biogeochemical cycles, improvement of soil structure, natura control of plant disease, promotion of plant growth and degradation of organic pollutants. Despite the great advances in this regard, the specific functions carried out by microorganisms in the environment, is not fully understood.  Therefore, differet research groups in the world have focused on the application of differetn approaches to identify specific biomarkers at different taxonomic levels that allow the design of crop management strategies to improve the performance of soil microbial community, for the benefit of plant growers.

Recognizing the importance of understanding and manipulating microbial soil communities as a tool to improve crop yields, the aim of this course will be to provide an up-to-date view of the approaches and concepts that have recently been developed to understand the role of the soil microbial community, with emphasis on three main themes:

* Understanding the role of rhizospheric microbiome in biogeochemical cycles    and recycling of nutrients and their effec on the agricultural ecosystem.

* Communication between kingdoms in the symbiotic relationship plant-  microorganism employing diazotrophic bacteria.

* The ecology and function of endophytic bacteria.

These notios will be developed, in order to contribute to the understanding of the implications of applying concepts of microbial ecology, for the development of strategies of agricultural management including the application of inoculants for the improvement of the nutrition of plants of agricultural interest.

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* Eiko Kuramae Ph.D. - Netherlands Intitute of Ecology -NIOO-KNAW - The Netherlands

* Jan Dirk van Elsas Ph.D - University of Groningen - The Netherlands

* Antonio Lagares Ph.D. - Universidad Nacional de la Plata - Argentina

* Guiliano Degrassi Ph.D - International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology      - Polo Científico Tecnológico Argentina  - IBIOBA-ICGEB  - Italia-Argentina


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Edificio Manuel Ancízar Instituto de Biotecnología No 224 y Edifico Posgrado Faculta de Ciencias Humanas Auditorio Margarita González
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