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miércoles, 10 de mayo | 8:00 am
"The First International Flavor and Fragrance Conference"
Hotel Las Américas, Cartagena Colombia


The symposium is intended to bring researchers from multiple disciplines together to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the field of flavor and fragrance science. The symposium will cover many topics related to flavor and fragrances including:

Flavor and fragrance perception.

Flavor and fragrance sensory and instrumental analysis.

Chemical and biochemical generation of flavor and fragrance.

Flavor technology related to flavor and fragrance stability, encapsulation, and delivery technologies.

Off-flavor and flavor masking, particularly in functional food and nutraceuticals.

Physiology of flavor and implications on psychology of consumers.

Abstracts related to above subject areas will be considered for oral and poster presentations.


The primary goal of this conference is to provide an avenue for scientists from multiple disciplines to share the latest advances in the area of flavor and fragrance, and to strengthen the academic collaborations among scientists in North, Central, and South America, as well as researchers in Europe and the other continents. It is designed to bridge the academic researchers and the industry members. Additionally, this symposium is aimed at increasing the global outreach of American Chemical Society, with the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division in particular.

More Info:
Registration fees for congress (may 10-12/2017): Including 3 lunches, 6 coffee breaks, coffee point, and free wifi in the hotel.